The Public Sector Impact on Ontario’s Debt Woes

(Originally appearing at LvMIC.) The motto of the province of Ontario is Ut Incepit Fidelis Sic Permanet which, translated from the original Latin, means: “Loyal she began, loyal she remains.” This is an homage to the province’s historical affiliation with the monarchy of Britain. However, in the year since the release of the Drummond Commission report, […]

Joseph Salerno on the Punitive Flat Tax

Recently, paediatric neurosurgeon Benjamin Carson raised the ire of President Barack Obama by criticizing the progressive income tax during his speech at the American National Prayer Breakfast. Meanwhile, Professor Joseph Salerno, writing at the Circle Bastiat, explains the punitive nature of proportional income taxation, i.e. the flat tax

Jim Flaherty on Canadian Tariffs

(Originally appearing at LvMIC.) On Wednesday, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, responding to a Senate Finance Committee report urging a “review of Canadian tariffs” to address the ongoing Canada-U.S. price gap, remarked: We’ve been looking at our tariff situation carefully, particularly with respect to consumer goods in Canada to see what we could do. Tariffs are […]

Alberta’s Provincial Income Tax: Progressive Masquerading as Flat

Earlier today I noted that progressive taxation is alive and well in Canada. Incidentally, this observation prompted a reader to offer the following critique of proportional taxation, i.e. a flat tax

Progressive Taxation Alive and Well in Canada

Speaking of Canada’s tax filers, Statistics Canada has also revealed that the richest 1% of Canadians paid 21.2% of all federal and provincial or territorial income taxes in 2010.

Employee Payroll Taxes: The Hand in Your Pocket

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation has released its annual report detailing nation-wide tax increases for 2013. In a news release published on its website, the organization released the following summary: “Every Canadian will be paying more in 2013 thanks to rising CPP and EI premiums,” said CTF Federal Director Gregory Thomas. “EI and CPP contributions are […]

99 Problems But Freedom Ain’t One

Edmund Opitz once wrote: “All money spent by the governing group is taken from private citizens – who otherwise would spend it quite differently on goods of their choice.” MacLean’s Magazine has compiled a list of “99 stupid things the government did with your money” in 2012. Some of the lowlights include: a $10,000 entry […]

A Refutation of the Himelfarb Mean Test

Dr. Alex Himelfarb is a sociologist and the Director of York University’s Glendon School of Public and International Affairs. He is not an economist (disclaimer: neither am I). In 2012, MacLean’s Magazine named him one of the 25 most important people in Ottawa, calling him the “unofficial critic” of “Harper-style government” and “a blogging theorist […]

Cronyism in the Canadian Auto Industry Continues

(Originally appearing at LvMIC) In his latest display of cronyism, Stephen Harper announced on Friday that the federal government will continue to subsidize the Canadian auto industry. According to the Canadian Press: Ottawa is extending an auto sector fund the provides a $250-million pool of investment cash over five years for car companies and their […]

Tax Credits Are Good Things – Even for Cronies

Daniel J. Sanchez, writing for The Circle Bastiat, has produced an excellent article about tax credits and tax loopholes.

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