Blunt Truth About Harper’s Drug Laws

There are 22,000 people in Canada who are authorized to use marijuana for medical purposes. Of these, 14,000 are currently permitted to grow medical marijuana for personal use. These patients are able to grow their own plants at home at a cost of approximately $1.80 per gram. However, proposed changes to current medical marijuana legislation […]

A Cure for Obamacare: From Canada With Love

An adaptation of one of my recent articles appeared yesterday in The Freeman, a publication of the Foundation for Economic Education. You can read it online here.

Long Lines for Egalitarian Health Care

(Originally published at LvMIC). A new report by the Fraser Institute lends credence to what most Canadians seeking specialist medical care already know: wait times for medically necessary treatment remain too long.

When the Government Breaks Your Legs and Hands You Crutches

Emily Jackson explores the reasons behind the ongoing generic drug shortage in Canada at She lists three main causes of the current crisis: a single supplier for many essential medications, government-mandated price controls on generic drugs, and the lack of a nation-wide drug strategy. She correctly points out that “the low prices have forced […]

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