“Occupied StatsCan” and the One Percent

One of the first principles of economic theory is that persons differ. In fact, differences with respect to personal preferences and abilities help give rise to comparative advantage and the division of labour in society. This has led to a continual increase in the standard of living throughout human history.¬†Incidentally, this underscores the main argument […]

The Impact of Canada’s Regulatory Burden

(Originally appearing at LvMIC.) On Monday, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) unveiled the third edition of Canada’s Red Tape Report. It reveals the pecuniary impact of the various government regulations imposed on Canadian businesses. For the first time ever, it also compares the costs of Canada’s regulatory burden with those of the United […]

McGuinty’s Central Planning Sends Electricity Rates Soaring

The Financial Post has published an excellent article detailing the disastrous impact of central planning by the McGuinty government on the electricity industry in Ontario.

Dragon’s Den: Harper Edition

Have you ever watched Kevin O’Leary and Jim Treliving banter back and forth on CBC’s “Dragon’s Den” and think to yourself: “Man, it would be so cool to be a venture capitalist”? If so, you have company. Stephen Harper is planning to invest $400-million in various venture capital projects in Canada.

99 Problems But Freedom Ain’t One

Edmund Opitz once wrote: “All money spent by the governing group is taken from private citizens – who otherwise would spend it quite differently on goods of their choice.” MacLean’s Magazine has compiled a list of “99 stupid things the government did with your money” in 2012. Some of the lowlights include: a $10,000 entry […]

Cronyism in the Canadian Auto Industry Continues

(Originally appearing at LvMIC) In his latest display of cronyism, Stephen Harper announced on Friday that the federal government will continue to subsidize the Canadian auto industry. According to the Canadian Press: Ottawa is extending an auto sector fund the provides a $250-million pool of investment cash over five years for car companies and their […]

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