The Difference Between Chemical Weapons and Guns

I have been presented with an additional argument in favour of gun control. While deceiving, it is no less faulty than any of the others.

More Gun Control Foolishness

Freedom, as applied to the ownership of firearms for self-defence purposes, is a delicate issue. It has a tendency to offend the sensibilities of squeamish individuals.

Gun Control Foolishness

In one of the best articles I’ve read on the topic, David Mamet rebukes advocates of gun control legislation.

Blunt Truth About Harper’s Drug Laws

There are 22,000 people in Canada who are authorized to use marijuana for medical purposes. Of these, 14,000 are currently permitted to grow medical marijuana for personal use. These patients are able to grow their own plants at home at a cost of approximately $1.80 per gram. However, proposed changes to current medical marijuana legislation […]

Stephen Harper and the Myth of Lincoln

Errol Mendes, a University of Ottawa law professor, has published an opinion piece entitled “Lincoln was a uniter, Harper is a divider.” In it, he cultivates the statist myth of Abraham Lincoln.

Should We Drug Test Our CEOs?

This is brilliant. Michigan state lawmaker Rep. Tom McMillin introduced legislation last Wednesday which mandates substance abuse testing for all “corporate welfare” recipients. From Michigan Capitol Confidential: If the likes of Ford Chief Executive Officer Alan Mulally and Hollywood Film Producer James Cameron want tax breaks for their projects in Michigan, they may have to […]

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