A Mainstream Inflation Contradiction

The Financial Post has published an article entitled “Why Canada’s policymakers may want a weaker loonie.” It is a fine testament to the sad state of economic analysis by the mainstream media.

Secrecy and Moral Hazard Abound at CMHC

(Originally appearing at LvMIC.) Itself a government-owned enterprise, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) is well-versed in the political pillars of secrecy and moral hazard. This week, CMHC faced controversy over allegations that it is intentionally seeking to conceal information about foreclosure sales from would-be bargain hunters.

What to Do About the Student Loan Bubble

Here is a chart detailing money supply growth in Canada.

Peter Schiff: Your Money Will Retire Before You Do

How to Refute Paul Krugman in 64 Seconds

Hans-Hermann Hoppe, the Austrian school economist and libertarian anarcho-capitalist philosopher, explains:

Does a Glass of Milk a Day Mean a Nobel Prize is on its Way?

Last week, the British journal Practical Neurology published a study examining the link between a country’s milk consumption and Nobel prizes. As it turns out, countries where people drink more milk produce more Nobel laureates. Research indicating a similar link between chocolate consumption and Nobel prizes was published in the New England Journal of Medicine […]

Looking for a Job? The Central Bank Is Hiring

With the departure of Mark Carney to England, the Bank of Canada is looking to fill its vacant governor position. If you’re in need of a job or looking for a promotion, why not consider applying?

Jim Grant on the Trillion Dollar Coin and US Debt

Helping a University Professor Find His Keys

In a special to The Globe and Mail, Canadian economist and Richard Ivey School of Business Assistant Professor Mike Moffatt has made the monumental mistake of endorsing the $1-trillion coin idea as economically sound.

Big Bird’s Tall Order

There is a profound difference between on-budget and off-budget debt. In the United States, for example, government expenditures related to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid do not count toward on-budget debt. But it is owed all the same. Every year, Professor Lawrence Kotlikoff of Boston University calculates the present value of the unfunded liabilities of […]

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