Why the Government Should Let BlackBerry Fall

Writing for the National Post, Andrew Coyne hits the nail right on the head when he explains why there should be no government bailout of BlackBerry:

The reason we should wish to let Blackberry fall, either to foreigners or to bankruptcy, is precisely to create the conditions for future BlackBerrys to rise. The companies that last – so far as any company can – are those that stick ferociously to meeting, or indeed anticipating, consumer wants. Competition and the fear of failure tend to sharpen that instinct; protection, subsidies and bailouts do the opposite. The company that created the BlackBerry didn’t emerge from some sheltered workshop of the state, but from the talents and vision of its two co-founders. By the time governments started “investing” in it, some years ago, it was probably already over.

Continue reading at www.nationalpost.com.

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